Friday, October 5, 2007

Back up and running again!

The offices of Hengst Studio & Little Red Studio have officially moved out of my waiting room! Despite the phone company's bungling of the transfer of the phone lines, the spa is running smoothly. (Thank goodness for call forwarding.) Even though administrative operations have moved to the Harrison building, Hengst Studio, meaning Jeff's painting business, has not moved. The Little Red Day Spa is still located in Hengst Studio. I am very glad of this. Having the creative energy of the hundreds of Jeff's paintings stored and created in our studio is invaluable for the spa's atmosphere.

Another exciting development is the arrival of our new Spa promotional materials and the impending question; where do we distribute the postcards and info/press releases? some will go into promotional packets along with all of the other Little Red Studio offerings. I am thinking perhaps I should contact the neighborhood hotels, as the spa is a nice treat when traveling. Other than that, I am at a bit of a loss for where else I should place the postcards. Suggestions are most appreciated.

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