Monday, October 29, 2007

Hot Tub Troubles

Warning: this is going to be me complaining.

The Little Red Day Spa has an incredibly fancy Coast Spa. It is rated as a medical device and was the deepest we could find at the time we researched spas/hot tubs for purchase. As expensive as it was, you would think the thing would run beautifully and we would be well taken care of by the dealer.

Reality is a harsh master.

This hot tub has given us trouble since the second month after delivery. The temperature regulation was inconsistent and when we would call the dealer, they would often say things like "that model has a glitch in it so that you should just disconnect the pump because it causes problems like the one you are describing." and "just make sure to keep the vents closed and you won't lose temperature." After a year and a half, we finally got an independent spa repair technician to check the tub, whereupon we learn that we have a flawed circuit board. In other words, everything is working fine except for the fact the that when computer tells the heater to turn on, ofttimes the heater doesn't get the message.

It's been a week since we put in the order for a new circuit board and the dealer is *still* telling us that he is going to look and see if he has one in stock before he orders a new one. I am not going to name the dealer. I want to give them a chance to make this right. But even if they do rectify the situation, you can bet I will never buy another tub from them. Which is too bad, considering we are planning on expanding in January.

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