Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Practitions & Session available!

I would like to introduce David and Adele, our new spa practitioners offering a special Tandem Bliss spa session at the Little Red Day Spa. Tandem Bliss, for individuals or couples, includes aromatherapy, hot oil body treatment, energy work, and time floating and stretching in the hot tub.

David and Adele are romantic partners and soulmates, which infuses their practice with love. They have a holistic approach that honors your mind-body-spirit. In addition to the already juicy Little Red Spa Classic Sampler experience, David and Adele offer Reiki (energy work), chakra balancing, and breath-work, all with an emphasis on conscious touch and communication.

A difficult and involved part of my job is that I have to interview and train people. Working with David Adele has been wonderful and quite rewarding. They are thoughtful, sweet people who are quick learners and eager to be a part of the spa. And having the 2 of them work on me was heaven!

Obligatory business note: To schedule a Tandem Bliss appointment, it is suggested that you call 3-4 days in advance, minimum, since coordinating 2 people's schedules takes a bit more doing.

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