Saturday, October 6, 2007

Testamonial from a new guest.

Sometimes, there is no way I can convey how wonderful our spa sessions are intended to be. This letter from a recent guest touched my heart and made me glow. I am glad that I "add more to the world than I take."


You are marvelous. I have thought often of my time at the Little Red Day Spa eight days ago. You have created a true sanctuary…a refuge from the stressful world. I've found very few places where I can totally relax and feel disconnected from all other distractions. I love the atmosphere; you have such a beautiful and warm space.

But it is not the location. You create the magic of your safe haven. I've met very few people with such a beautiful sole. Perhaps I see only your professional persona – I think it's more than that – but that's still incredible. As you know I entered anxious and unsure what to expect. It only took our first exchange of words and the touch of your hand to put me completely at ease. Actually I first felt the connection simply by the warm and cheerful voice message you left confirming the appointment. I felt safe, secure and free to be in the moment without any hesitation whatsoever. Amazing.

I came to you because of stress. It disappeared; completely; at least for a day. I also came because I have over time ignored my creative side. Visiting the Little Red Day Spa was one small attempt to push myself out of comfort and routine…a way to explore the sensual and erotic. I was amazed (and pleased) that this happened in a totally non-sexual environment. I couldn't have appreciated the possibility without experiencing it. I certainly wasn't sure such a place, and person, could be found.

Feel proud that you add more to the world than you take.

I look forward to my next visit.

With fondness,

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