Monday, October 15, 2007

In Love with Lush!

A little while back, I was introduced to Lush products and I was thoroughly charmed. The funky labeling and outrageous names captured my attention enough to try their shower gel for the Spa. I choose the Sonic Death Monkey which is has coffee and chocolate in the ingredients list. What could be more decadent than showering off with chocolate?

I am finally out of the Sonic Death Monkey shower gel, and despite it's lovely aroma and my overall satisfaction with it as a product, I think I would like to branch out. Also, I must admit, the name is not very soothing or sexy. Maybe I'll get the Flying Fox Shower gel next.


McAuliflower said...

The name- its a High Fidelity reference (Jack Black's band in the end).

Sonic Death Monkey does a very sexy cover of "Let's Get it On" (which I'll admit is difficult to mess up).

Have you thought about making your own spa products for use in house and eventually selling out of spa? Seems like that could fit right in with Little Red Day Spa! I can think of a ton of fun ideas along the lines of using seasonal produce to specialize in a grown-at home/local line.

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

I do make most of the products that I use, such as the salt scrubs, massage oils and boy mist sprays. I feel a little out of my realm of expertise when it comes to soaps and the like.

I do like the idea of the produce centered products. I once made a papaya and avocado body paste that was incredible. The expense is an issue, though. It's important to me to keep the spa sessions affordable.

Do you had any resources in mind when you made your suggestion?

McAuliflower said...

Resources? I was thinking mainly area farmers markets for produce to mix with oatmeals and salts and such. I don't know of product specific resources for your area (just Eugene OR).

Regarding affordablity - I like the context of this being like a meal for the skin and body. Keeping the price in line with a nice meal makes sense to me. I'm thinking a menu of choices. There could even be a price range with cocktails or appetizers for the lower price range of items.

I admire your sentiment of wanting to keep it affordable. I also think that quality is worth paying for.