Monday, July 21, 2008

More Watsu reflections

After my last Watsu post, I received a few emails and have had some great conversations about this unique bodywork. Here are a few snippets.

One woman said that the best way to describe it is that "there are no worries under the water." (While being floated, your ears are under the water most of the time, creating a muffling or insulating effect to the noises around you.)

Another guest wrote this:

Having already experienced a Watsu with Mahina last September I knew that I had to concentrate on relaxing, floating, and clearing my mind.

That accomplished, I gave myself up to trusting that you would care for me. What I was feeling from you during the Watsu was this incredible maternal nurturing energy that fed my soul. I was filled with peace and comfort that is hard to describe...............

I felt connected and accepted, non-judged in any way.

That is so rare, being a middle-aged man in the business world. To find a special place, with incredible practitioners who can impart such peace and positive energy in a safe environment.

I had a 90-minute relaxation massage 3 days earlier by a LMP I had seen for many years. I am surprised (and shocked) that in comparing the 2 treatments, the 90-minute relaxation massage now feels so non-therapeutic.

Another guest talked about wanting more sensory disorientation. Dreams of a larger tub so that toes wouldn't brush the edges and no jets so that the silence is more profound. (I'm working on that.)

I'm really enjoying people sharing their stories and experiences with Watsu. It gives me a chance to further develop my ideas for evolving my own style and to understand the different ways this bodywork can touch someone.

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