Saturday, July 5, 2008

New at LRS: Conversation Cafe

We are doing something new at LRS. It’s called Conversation Café. It is a format for having a large group conversation with 6 to 8 people that keeps the conversation meaningful, focused and balances who talks. The format encourages the quieter ones to come forward and prevents any grand standing. We hold it right here at the Harrison Studio from 11am to 1pm Sunday morning, after the LRS show. This is a firm start time, so don’t be late because we lock the doors.

It is complimentary and we’d love to have you if you can commit to being there. The questions we are exploring: ‘How would you describe your personal experience at LRS? What inspires you? What disturbs you? And what is happening in your life that makes it compelling to spend time at LRS?’ Would you like to join us?

I am very excited about the Conversation Cafe, as very often we have experiences that we want to talk about and trade ideas and revelations that are a result of that experience. Little Red Studio shows have this effect. I have always gotten together with a few troupe members after each show to discuss how it went and more personal observations. I am glad to know that there is an official event for this type of debriefing that includes guests.

The Conversation Cafe is open to anyone who has been to a LRS show. Please inquire about this Sunday's Conversation Cafe when you check in for tonight's last Psychedelic Show.

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