Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Resistance is futile.

When it comes to essential oils and aromatherapy supplies, I generally have very little self restraint. I got an email yesterday from Original Swiss Aromatics announcing their 25th anniversary sale.

Of course, the things that are on sale are the normally outrageously expensive, rare oils, such as Helichrysum, also known as Everlast, which is amazing for aiding wounds in healing cleaner, i.e. reduction in scarring. Oh, and the sale is only on the 100mL size bottles, priced at $297.50. Compare with 15mL for $98.10 and you can see what an incredible discount that is. It's a good thing these oils are potent, otherwise I would think I was crazy for thinking that was a good deal. A 15mL bottle of anything can last me for months of personal use, so I can't really see the point of buying that much of something I would use so sparingly.

What I really like about this company is the consistent quality of the oils, which is a difficult thing with all the various factors that contribute to the strength and integrity of an oil. They do a certain amount of standardizing, which accounts for their higher prices on some of the oils. Sometimes, though, they are the cheapest price around, like the Moroccan Chamomile, I am paying $6 more for a bottle three times the size of the last one I bought at The Herbalist. When I can't wait for an order to be shipped, The Herbalist is where I go as it is convenient and decent quality on average. Unfortunately, there are a lot of oils that no one carries, like Black Pepper.

Here is my shopping list.
Cypress #5118
Cardamon #159
Chamomile Moroccan #103
Katrafay #4142
Pepper, black #166

The Cypress and the Katrafay are oils I have never ordered before and I am excited to smell them. These particular oils are especially suited to massage because of their affects on the circulatory system and muscles. There will be plenty of time to experiment with them before it's time to change the scented oil of the season.

I have a strong urge to go check the mail box.

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