Thursday, July 10, 2008

Sunday Field Trip to S.A.M.

Jeff is starting something new for LRS guests. Our first field trip is this Sunday the 13th of July. It is to the Seattle Art Museum and hosted by Jeff. Folks are invited to come to the Gallery/Office on Dexter at 11 AM. We will then take the trolley and bus downtown to see the special exhibit "Inspiring Impressionism." Cost for entry to the Museum and show is $10. Please bring whatever extra money you need for lunch and extras. There is no charge from LRS for this event. Jeff will be sharing his artist's perspective with anyone who is interested. After the show we will all go out for lunch and/or drinks somewhere. In the future we will be planning field trips to wineries and other artistic events.

I have gone with Jeff a few different museums and greatly enjoyed the experience. I was able to learn so much from him, and in such a fun way. As a long time student of the arts, Jeff Hengst can tell you all the less than glorious stories about the artists and how they made their art. The stories that make the icons real and human.

Whether you are an art lover, or don't generally go to art shows because their boring, you are assured a grand time with Jeff as your guide this Sunday.


kdana said...

Hmmm... according to the SAM site it's only $10 for adults on First Thursdays.

Normal prices for Special Exhibition:
$20 adults
$17 seniors (62 and over)
$14 (students with ID) and youth (13–17)
FREE for children 12 and under
FREE for SAM members

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

I am so sorry I am getting this just now.
In the future, I will do a little background research when Jeff asks me to announce something. Either to correct any mistakes or to provide special info to clarify confusions.