Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The first Ladies' Spa Night was quite lovely. About a dozen women filtered in throughout the first half of the evening. Quite a few women availed themselves to the mud and salt scrubs and another couple traded massage. Four women opted to buy a ten minute massage, which I waited until after 8pm to start those in order to get everyone settled first.

Everyone soaked in the tub and chatted, introducing themselves and each other to every new arrival. A very friendly evening despite the fact that many of the women had never met. I think having troupe members drop in helped because that meant everyone who showed up knew at least one other person, thanks to the diversity of the LRS troupe. One woman remarked that it was nice to chat, or not. That there was no pressure to interact. That comment alone makes me feel that it was a success that there was that level of comfort.

My brain is teeming with ideas for next week to make it better and flow smoother and less work for me. I found myself wishing I could jump in the hot tub and join in on more of the conversations. It was a little hard to focus on a conversation when I had half an ear cocked for someone looking for something or and eye on making sure the supplies didn't run too low. Once I started massaging, then it was easy to keep my focus and wonderful to connect on a deeper level. i think perhaps I will have someone trade off with me so that I can fully be a part of the fun, too.


Sandra said...

I had a fabulous time!

Lorelei said...

This was just great. The energy was really good. It would be delightful if you could participate more as well as facilitate!

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

Yay! I am so glad you both had a good time. Thank you for your support!

*My comment notifier didn't let me know you had commented so please forgive my tariness.*