Saturday, January 12, 2008

Uh oh!

I am running out of the pomegranate tangerine salt scrub and pomegranate seasons appears to be over. While this is a good thing that the product has been so well received, it is a bad thing as I thought I had calculated enough for 3 months. I had very much wanted to have this be the featured salt scrub through the winter. I may have to change the Seasonal Offering sooner than I expected.

With the Ladies' Night starting in a little over a week I am going to have to either find the last of the winter's pomegranates or develop another scrub. Pomegranate juice could be substituted for the actual fruit. This would give the scrub it's distinctive color and smell, but not the added texture. I think I will do a bit of product testing before diving into making a new salt scrub recipe.

Yet another reason why my job is so fun with all this experimenting.

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