Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Thank you to everyone who came and visited the Spa in 2007. We had a successful year that engendered a lot of growth. Not only in the volume of business, but more importantly in our philosophy. Jeff and I spent most of the year evaluating and refining our vision of what we wanted to accomplish by offering our services at the spa.

Changes have been put into motion, though some of them will not be apparent right away. The most obvious change is that the large altar piece painting, "Suffering Change", has been moved out of the Spa to the Little Red Studio building on Harrison St. While I miss having this incredible work of art in my daily life, the Spa feels lighter for it. The painting is powerful and heavy, both in theme, content and color scheme. Over all, a bit intense for a place with a goal of rejuvenation and pleasure.

Inspiration has already struck Jeff for a new painting for the Spa. It will feature a person being floated in a watsu session in the center panel and figures bodypainting and applying clay to each other in adjoining panels. I have seen the preliminary sketches which evince a softness and spiritual nature that will set a lovely stage for spa sessions.

The Ladies' Spa Night is coming along quite nicely. It's looking like the first one will be held in the middle of January. They will be held on Monday nights with drop in hours of 6pm to 10 pm. These nights are designed to be a casual and social evening. At this time, there will be only one practitioner present to facilitate use of the spa's accoutrement, not to provide services. I am thinking that this practitioner will be one of our massage therapists so that, for an added fee, one can get a 15 minute massage during the evening. Another massage table will set up for others to massage or do salt scrubs on each other. Eventually, I would also like to bring in an esthetician to do facials as another "add on" to the evening's fare. More than likely, this evening will cost $10. More info to come soon.

Starting soon, the Spa will move to a 6day week instead of a 7 day week. We have decided that the Spa should be closed one day a week to allow for a concentrated day of maintenance. This will be much more convenient than trying to squeeze in service calls between sessions. The day has not been decided upon, as of yet. It's turning out to be a difficult choice as to which day of the week we should be shut down.

There are more changes in regard to management that I think will make the Spa run smoother, but hopefully, the implementation will remain behind the scenes.

Here's to a healthy, prosperous and most importantly, FUN new year!


Inna said...

Thank you for the existence of the spa and for it being what it is. We really enjoyed our visit yesterday. Happy New Year!

Musings of a Spa Queen said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a good time.
It was wonderful meeting the two of you.
Here's hoping we see you again soon!


Inna said...


So I'm curious about this ladies night. Is it going to be just drop in, and/or some reservations to make sure people are interested in being there that night, and/or some kind of punch card available for purchase for those who want an extra push to come more often?