Wednesday, January 9, 2008

No more Craig's List for me.

For some time, I have posted on Craigslist in the therapeutic services section as a way to advertise the Spa. It kept the phone ringing and was free. Unfortunately, I often ended up taking calls from people looking for more than we offered. I find it very frustrating that while I can accurately describe the lush and relaxing services we offer, there are other postings using the same language to infer that a sexual service will be provided.

As an experiment, I stopped posting on Craigslist just before the holidays. The phone didn't ring as often, but with the holidays, I expected that. Last week, I put the second part of the plan to gauge the impact of Craigslist postings on our call volume. In the two days that followed that new post, I fielded 4 phone calls where the caller was disappointed when I made sure to mention that a "full body massage" did not include the genitals. That settled it for me and I won't be posting there anymore. It's not worth it to waste my time and the caller's time.

I wish there was something similar that would work better for getting the word out about the spa while we finish developing our marketing campaign. I have discovered Biznik and that is a great networking resource. Please let me know about anything else along these lines of internet, grassroots marketing that you use and like. (Not looking for spam, please.)

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McAuliflower said...

oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.

Here's a get the word out idea from Steve: advertise at some of your local yoga spots (flyers, cards). Or better yet, work out a discount deal with specific yoga studios.

Another one- get a contact with nice gyms that may be missing a massage element to their package / location.

The only other networking sites I can think of are LinkedIn and Facebook. Maybe your chamber of commerce has a networking schedule too.