Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BizX is cool!

Hengst Studio has long been a part of the BizXchange network, a company whose slogan is "Improving business through trade." Recently, we arranged for the Little red Day Spa to become a part of that trading/barter network. This is really exciting for me. I love the idea of being about to use the barter system without having to find the exact person I whose services/products I want who also happens to want what I have to offer.

If you are a BizX member, you will be able to buy gift certificates and pay for spa sessions with BizX. If you plan on doing this please let us know when you are making your appointment so that we can have the appropriate forms on hand.

If you are not a BizX member and have a business, I suggest checking them out. We had all of our marketing materials printed out within the network and are quite satisfied. It's a good company based on a great idea and I am glad the Spa is a part of it.

(Consider this my token endorsement of the month.)

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