Thursday, January 17, 2008

Creative Movement Spa Sessions!

The practitioner who developed and performs the Creative Movement sessions, Cody, is back in town and available for appointments tomorrow, Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th. If you have ever been curious about this particular session, I highly reccommend it.

Creative Movement session incorporates dance and stretching into your spa session. You will soak in the hot tub and enjoy a hot oil treatment, as well as engaging in a unique, therapeutic touch using slow, intentional contact dance. This movement therapy is based on our practitioner's training in yoga, dance. Clients report that their time was healing, relaxing, and led to a sense of connection and true enjoyment of being in the body. This is unique experience benefiting the body, mind, and spirit.

Call me at (206) 963-0772 for scheduing and information.

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