Monday, June 30, 2008

A New Week Starts...

What an incredible weekend, weather and other wise! I went to the Pride Parade yesterday and rode with the "Dykes on Bike" contingent to start the parade. It was a lot of fun, especially since we started the parade, that meant I could go watch the rest of the floats and enjoy the parade as well as be in it!

I am doing my best not to complain about the heat. Luckily, coming to work is a blessing. The Spa is so nice in the summer. Since it is located under the freeway, sun doesn't hit the side of the building until late in the afternoon, so it stays comfortably cool until the evening. I still actually run the heat a little in the morning for the first appointment so it's a cozy temperature. Another reason to like coming to work.

This week is shaping up to be fairly busy between here and LRS. Tonight is Ladies' Night at the Spa. I am turning the hot tub down a bit. However, it heats up fast and if people want to have a hot soak, it will be easy to accommodate to the room's tastes. As usual, I will be here from 7pm until 10pm. Cost is $10 to get in an I have a limited number of spots for short massages for an additional $10.

Saturday the 5th at 9pm is the last Psychedelic Show at LRS. This is an wonderful show with an amazing closing aerials act by Beverly Rose, lead instructor of Versatile Arts. You can get your tickets online or call (206)328-4758 for reservations to pay at the door.

Sunday the 6th is Men's Spa Night with Richard Jessup. Please remember to email him your reservations for a short watsu or shiatsu session, otherwise, drop in between 7pm and 10pm for $10.

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