Friday, June 20, 2008

A small taste.

Here is a quick and dirty video of part of our dress rehearsal we did this week for this Saturday's coming White Show at the Little Red Studio. It's always so helpful to be able to see an act on video when you are working on it. I thought it would be fun to share, as I have tried to explain to various people what kind I performance I do at the Studio. I think this can give an idea of the performance, though it doesn't give away any of the surprises.

Oh, and we kinda had to be bad with the music. The LRS band, Red Delicious, weren't available to help us out with the music on the video. (Key band members missing.) So that's why we went with Henry Connick, Jr's version of "Swinging on a Star." He does a nice job, but Heather, our singer is infinitely better in that her voice matches the feel of our piece so perfectly. For the music alone you should come to the show on Saturday. Hopefully, we will get that music track swapped out soon.

When: Saturday, June 21st
Where: 750 Harrison Street
How Much: $30
More Info & Reservations: (206) 328-4758
Tickets online: Brown Paper Tickets

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