Monday, February 2, 2009

Ladies' Spa Night!

Tonight is Ladies' Night at the Little Red Day Spa!

I hope you will join me from 6 - 9pm as it is the first Monday of the month. Tonight we will have a new salt scrub. I am ushering in spring's scrub early as pomegranates are going out of season. The few I have been able to find have been small and anemic.

I also discovered the the variety of strawberries generally used for freezing are quite juicy. Add to their genetics that they are picked in their prime and then frozen gives a better flavor than I have experienced with standard grocery store fresh strawberries, since they are usually picked so that they ripen en route. Of course, local strawberries from the farmer's market are a completely different animal. I look forward when I can use those later in the year.

These nights are designed to be a casual and social evening. There will be a practitioner, usually myself, present to make you feel welcome and facilitate use of the spa's equipment. There will be areas set up for clay, salt scrubs and massage for you and your friends to pamper each other. For an extra fee, one can get a short massage or watsu during the evening from our massage therapist on staff.

Please call 206-963-0772 or e-mail for more information.

Ladies' Spa Night - 1st Monday of the Month!
Drop In: 6-9pm
Cost: $15
Little Red Day Spa
1506 Franklin Ave. E. Seattle

Please park on the street so that our parking spaces are available for guests with mobility difficulties.

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