Friday, February 20, 2009

Want to be in a play? Audtion for LRS!

Auditions for Erotic Shorts at Little Red Studio!

This is our fourth round of the very popular event we call "Erotic Shorts", an evening of short erotic plays. The show will run Friday - Sunday evenings, April 24th through May 3rd. Rehearsals will be determined by each director and his/her cast.

We have nine plays in this round, including one improv piece. Below you will see a brief description of casting needs for each show.

Auditions will be cold readings from the scripts. When you write to sign up for an audition time (1/2 hour time slots), please let me know which plays you might be interested in and I'll send you electronic copies to read ahead of time.

Where: Little Red Studio - 400 Dexter Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

When: Sunday, March 1st from 4pm - 9pm OR Monday, March 2nd from 6pm - 10pm
(The Improv piece will have its own audition on Sunday, March 1st from 1-3pm)

Callbacks will be held on March 3rd in the evening from 6-9pm.

Contact: Kerry Christianson - or 206-328-4758


No More Than Reason by Louise Penberthy / Directed by Beau Prichard

Needed: A male and female, able to play around the age of fifty. The role and the show calls for a couple to be very familiar and comfortable with each other, portrayed as not necessarily friends, but long-time associates. The script involves a small amount of Shakespeare, but experience with the 'speare is not necessary. Artistic collaboration with the two performers will be highly valued and encouraged.


Two Sides by Beau Prichard / Directed by Kerry Christianson

Needed: A female in her mid-late twenties. This is a story of first love with a bittersweet ending told in the first person by both parties. The male role has already been cast.


Flowers by the Side of the Road by Jerry Kraft / Directed by Donn Christianson

This is the story of a male soldier and the interaction he has with a female 'angel' from his past while he is in the process of dying. It will likely require full or partial nudity for the male role, depending on how we work it out in rehearsals. Also need to cast a 2nd soldier (male or female), in modern uniform, to close the play.


Center Cannot Hold by John Longenbaugh / Directed by John Longenbaugh

Maddie--20s-30s, female professional, slightly uptight
George-20s-30s, urban, laid-back
Jewel--20s-30s, alternative, sexy, given to profanity


Party of Two by Benjamin Harris / Directed by Marcus Wolland

A comedy involving a first date between Marcus and Lily, and the influences of their individual minds and bodies. Need 3 men and 3 women, 20 to 40 age range, with great comic timing.


Vampyre by Darian Lindle / Directed by Marcus Wolland

A four character blood-sucking comedy requiring 2 women (20 to 30 age range) and two men (20 to 40 age range) with great comic timing.


Pass the Salt, Please by Jeffrey James Ircink / Directed by Cherilynn Brooks

One man and One woman Both 40 - 60 years old. (or can pass pass for that)
This is a couple who have been together for many many years. They are extremely plain and preferably not a "beautiful couple".
Actors not afraid to test their comic timing!


A Flame in Your Heart by Patrick Scott / Directed by Ricky Gene Powell & Kirsten Lauzon

Needed: One man, one woman - any age - these two characters have been working in neighboring cubicles for years. Both incredibly shy, they have developed a shorthand of "sounds" through the wall to communicate and ultimately "flirt" with one another.


In Bed... (Improv Piece) Created and Directed by Pam Man

(Auditions for this piece will be held separately on Sunday, March 1st from 1-3pm)

"…In Bed", so named for the joke that people say to each other after reading their fortune from a fortune cookie.

Needed: 2 Females, 2 Males, 1 MC or host, male or female

Cast of "…In Bed" will be required to improvise the dialog of the play and will be asked to wear as little clothing as they are comfortable, during performance.

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