Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day Spa Night & Party

Saturday, February 14th @ 9PM until about 1am.

Instead of the Sensual Repast, the Little Red Day Spa will be holding a special event that will be part Couple's Night, part Sensual Repast, part Little Red Studio.

Here is what Jeff wrote in the newsletter:

Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year and I know you are all wishing you had something really fun and fresh to do with and for your Sweetie. Well, we are offering something special at the Spa. We have a special evening planned that is only for couples, of all persuasions, of course.

Starting at 9:00 Sophie will have the spa ready for an evening of food and fun. While we are not preparing a feast like the Sensual Repast, we will have heavy hors devours and lots of chocolate and desserts. In fact, we have something crazy in mind for getting you and yours truly involved in dessert. We will also have a Blues Dance Lesson and some dancing in the upper studio. Sophie will be encouraging everyone to Hot Tub, massage and body paint.

Then, around midnight, the cast from the Red Show will be coming over to party after their show. It will definitely be a wet and wild night.

Cost: $50 per person

Note: To reserve tickets you must call the office at 206-328-4758.


Shane said...
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