Sunday, February 22, 2009

Spa & LRS event on 2/28th

Next Saturday, February 28th, the Little Red day Spa will only be open for sessions from Noon - 6pm due to a Little Red Studio show. We are closing early to set up for our quarterly Speakeasy performance.

Once a Season the Troupe of Little Red Studio puts together an unabashedly "old-school" LRS at the original, beloved venue in Eastlake under the freeway. We already have some fun entertainment cooked up and anticipate a special evening. Of course the hot tub and spa facility leaven the evening as well as the intimate size and LRS's own rich history.

These events are highly interactive and intimate. Also, since Jeff now uses this space as his working studio again, there will be lots of new paintings to see and the general vibe of a working artist's studio.

Tickets are $40 and limited to the first 65 people. For reservations you must call us at the office, (206)328-4758. We are not selling advance tickets on Brown Paper Tickets for this one. If there is room, we will also accept walk-ups that evening. All guests should plan to arrive between 8:30 and 9pm.

If you have been curious about the spa, this is a good event to come see the space and peek at what we have to offer. I will not be doing massage or spa treatments, but the massage table will be out for trading massage and the hot tub will be opened up for soaking, and the hand crafted products that I make for the spa, such as the salt scrubs will be available for purchase.

Also, I am working on a performance piece that was inspired by the clay that I use in the Spa. I'm not going to say anything else in order preserve the element of surprise.

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