Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rumors about Valentine's Day Sensual Repast

We are getting more requests for spa sessions than we are getting reservations for the Sensual Repast on February 14th. Kerry in the main office has let me know that we don't have the minimum number of reservations yet. This is not uncommon, as people tend to make reservations for the dinner the week before, anyway. However, I have been turning down people who want spa sessions on the evening of the 14th because a Repast is scheduled.

For the above reasons, last night Kerry said that a decision of whether to hold or cancel the Feb. 14th Sensual Repast will be made within the next day or two. If you were thinking of attending the Sensual Repast as a Valentine's Day treat for your sweetie, I highly suggest that you put in a call to Kerry at (206)328-4758today or first thing Monday morning in order to secure a reservation. I will keep everyone updated as soon as I hear what decision was reached.

I have to admit, I am ambivalent as to what I want to happen. I love doing the Sensual Repast dinners, as the conversation and food is always of the highest caliber. Christina, one of the Little Red Studio troupe members who is a vocalist, is invited to sing during dinner and she told me of the luscious aria that she had picked out. An incredible night has been planned.

But if Repast is canceled, I will get to do spa sessions with couples instead, that is always a joy. There are few things better than sharing my knowledge with people so that they can take those tips and tricks home to pamper each other.

Sharing joy. Either way, I win.

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