Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Open to those of all persuasions.

Before Valentine's Day, I had a phone call from a young man who wanted to schedule a couple's spa session. Tentatively, has asked if the Spa was "gay friendly". My answer was "of course we are!" The Little Red Studio considers itself a part of Seattle's sex positive community, so it was only natural that the Little Red Day Spa would be, as well.

I was shocked that he was ask this question. I forget that I don't live in mainstream America where anything other than heterosexuality is considered out of the norm. Even when I had a "real job" at a local massage school, most of the employees were lesbians. So asking me if my establishment is gay friendly seemed as absurd as asking me if I did massage on people. If what you are doing is consensual and brings you and your partner(s) greater intimacy and joy, then we have no objection what so ever. In fact, we applaud you for pursuing and exploring your path!

Please know that regardless of how you structure your romantic relationships or what activities you enjoy in your bedroom, you and your partner(s) will always be welcome at the Little Red Day Spa. It doesn't matter to us whether your injuries are from a wild romp with your partner or a mountain bike accident, we are still going to treat you and your injury the same way.

For more information about sex positive information and support, please check out the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

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