Thursday, February 26, 2009

More changes!

The Little Red Studio office is invading!

Next Tuesday, we will be moving Kerry, the office manager for Hengst Studio and Little Red Studio into the front waiting room of the Spa. This won't impact the Spa other than to make our waiting room a bit more crowded. Jeff has promised to do a little bit so extra soundproofing so that the LRS phones and daily business won't intrude into the inner sanctum where people are relaxing. I am very excited to have Kerry around. Not only is she wonderful company, for me as well as everyone waiting for the start of their spa session, but she is quite organized and I plan to pick her brain.

Over on Dexter and Harrison, construction will begin in the corner space that has been the main office and lobby for Little Red Studio. This is phase one of the build out for the Little Red Bistro, our coffee/dessert/wine cafe. It is Jeff's hope that the Bistro "will not only be a jewel in the South Lake Union neighborhood, but another place for us to express our J'oie de Vivre, our liberating libertine sensibilities and our love of great food and wine." Keep an eye on the website as it is updated with more information. It's a very exciting time, indeed!

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